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A: And it is not possible to add ESRI geotools download to ArcMap using arcpy. In this case you can simply update ArcGIS GeoTools to version 10.1. Reference Diving plan to be put to councillors Diving is set to be adopted for a new £4.5million aquatic centre in Northampton. The Northampton Town Council planning committee was told that the facility will be used for the training of young divers and others who want to learn to dive. It will also house the aquatic centre which will be split into an indoor and an outdoor area. The council has planning permission for a centre in Cheddington which was granted in 2005. The Cheddington project is being funded by a grant from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, with the scheme being supported by Northampton Sports and Leisure Partnership, who are planning to invest £500,000. The Cheddington centre will be built next to the facility already in use by Northampton College and the aquatic centre will be built in front of the college. Councillors were told that the centre at Cheddington is expected to be completed in 2009. Councillors are also expected to decide on a licence for the diving centre in Cheddington by the end of June. In a report to the planning committee, Cllr Doug Atkinson, chairman of the Leisure and Sports Policy Committee, said the centre will provide a safe environment for recreational diving with a range of skills courses. The plan is expected to provide up to 40 additional aquatic centre places and 14 classes will be provided for those who want to learn to dive. The money being spent on the Northampton diving centre is expected to be recouped from increased revenue from the current centre. Cllr Craig Beattie, chairman of the Leisure and Sports policy committee, said: “This is a scheme which will encourage young people in our borough to learn to dive, taking a very personal interest in their wellbeing. “The classes will run throughout the day and I




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Arcgis Server 10.1 Ecp Crack michar

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